Why Are Women Better Drivers Than Men?

Woman are better driver than man

“Watch out!  A woman is driving!” We have heard this sentence so many times since we are kids. Then when is time to learn how to drive we might feel insecure. Society gives us the label “woman=bad driver” but is this true?  There are many proofs showing women are better drivers than men.

No, that’s not a joke. That’s not a feministic statement. It’s not a way to please the woman drivers either. This is the statistic. According to many types of research, women are better drivers than men.

One of the main resources that give information about the research is big insurance agencies. According to the data they provide women are less involved in car accidents than men.

Well, some of you won’t agree, that’s why in the following paragraph you will find another research that provides the answer to why this is true.

Research at New Castle University shows women are better drivers

With the help of a driving simulator and research, scientists at New Castle University have found that women are more skilled at driving than men. The research shows that women drive better and their ratio of accidents is also less.

As a result, the scientists make a conclusion that women had better response times for controlling the vehicle as compared to men, who took a long time in learning how to steer their vehicle.

The female drivers controlled their vehicles better and had strong control over the steering wheel. It also said that men were more accident-prone than women.

The research shows very interesting information: the proportion of failure in driving tests is more in women drivers than in men. It might be no surprise for more of you that most women have to repeat the driving test.

Actually, this might be the reason why they are less involved in car accidents. We all know that if we fail we motivate ourselves to be better next time and we tend to practice more and be more focused.

What are the qualities that make a woman a good driver

Women tend to be calmer and more considerate of other drivers on the roads. Female drivers show more empathy to the other drivers because they think “This is someone’s father or mother.”

Women are known to be impulsive, but it doesn’t count when they are behind the wheel. They are less provoked than men, which means women don’t tend to be involved in illegal races or fights on the road. Men don’t think much about what they do while driving and simply react to any situation aggressively. Sometimes this might be a reason for a car accident.

That’s the main reason why men cause more accidents than women do. Women have a better understanding of what could happen on the roads whereas men act based on their emotions. This can be the result of many additional years of practice but also an outcome of mental differences between the sexes.

Because of that women are called bad drivers because they put more attention while driving. This is also a reason why female drivers are less involved in car accidents. While men are very confident in their skills, women sometimes feel insecure behind the wheel and put more attention to driving. This makes them safer drivers.

Another research shows that fewer women drive after drinking alcohol. As you know alcohol is the main reason for many car accidents. Men are more likely to drive after drinking which makes them more dangerous drivers. On the other hand, women don’t drive intoxicated. Well, they deserve to be at least more responsible drivers than men.

Who drivers more women or men

Probably many of you would think “Of course, men are involved in more car accidents because they driver more the women.”. Well, this is not absolutely true. The number of female drivers is increasing every year. In many countries, women still don’t have the right to drive, but on the other hand in countries like the USA or the West of Europe women driving is not taboo.

The number of female professional drivers has increased in recent years, and there are now more women behind the truck wheel. According to the latest statistics, the number of female professional drivers has increased by nearly 60% in the past decade. This is good news for the trucking industry, which has long been dominated by men.

The increased presence of women in the trucking industry is good for businesses, as it brings a diversity of perspectives and experiences to the table. It is also good for the industry as a whole, as it helps to break down the stereotype that trucking is a man’s job.

Last, but not least women are more likely to choose small, safer more fuel-efficient vehicles than men, which we can also consider as something that makes them better drivers.

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