Women Are Bad Drivers – True Or False

Women are the best drivers

We all hear that women are bad drivers. As a woman ,I get offended by this statement. Why we should be known as bad drivers? Aren’t we skilled enough, or we are involved in more car accidents than men? Have you ever thought about why women have been labelled as bad drivers?

Living in the 21st century should push us out of the stereotypes, but there is still one that is hard to get rid of. Women are considered  bad drivers. If a woman does something stupid on a road she is a bad driver, but is a man does the same there is no judgement for him.

It’s time to go deeper and discover what are the main reasons behind the statement women=bad driver and if this is actually true. Before we get to the point you should know something. Girls, if you can’t park your car it doesn’t make you a  bad driver, because you don’t drive at the moment.

What does it mean “bad driver”

Many males put the label “bad driver” on any woman driver, but if you ask them what it means a bad driver they have no answer. We (as women drivers that suffer so many times from the label bad driver) decided to find more information about what it means.

First, bad drivers would mean you have no skills to control the car. But wait if you have a driving license it means someone decided you have the skills to drive. Checked!

If you are a bad driver it means you don’t know the signs. Well, nobody knows all of them but at least If you know what to do when you see STOP you are as good as any average driver.

Men are more likely to drive dangerously and break the law than women. Some of them maybe watch so many times Fast and furious and think they can be the next Vin Disel. Men tend to speed, tailgate, and make risky manoeuvres on the road. On top of this, men are less likely to wear seat belts.

On the other hand, women always follow the speed limit. Female drivers are more focused while driving and they are less likely to act aggressively on the road.  Is this make them bad drivers?

Proof women are not bad drivers

If there are people that still don’t believe in your women’s driving skills is time to change this. Show them the following proof. These statements are conclusions from statistical data and research.

It’s a well-known fact that women drivers tend to have a higher failure rate on driving tests than men. In fact, most women have to take the test multiple times before they finally pass. But why is this?

Some people say that it’s because women are more anxious and less confident behind the wheel. Others say that women are simply more careful and take more time to learn the skills needed to pass the test. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that women have to work a bit harder to get their driver’s licenses. But is this make them bad drivers?

No, actually women take more hours of driving lessons which gives them more time to practice. This could be considered one of the reasons why female drivers cause fewer car accidents than male drivers.

Let’s continue. What else does it show someone is a bad driver? Let’s take the attention. Research shows that men tend to lose attention more easily while driving than women. They use their phone for a  long time while driving. Women are more focused behind the wheel than men and show more empathy to other drivers.

Speaking about car accidents we should discuss one of the main reasons for them – intoxicated drivers. A new study has found that men are more likely to drive after drinking which makes them more dangerous drivers.

Women are less likely to drive while intoxicated, which is also the reason why they are less involved in car crashes. The conclusion we make is:  female drivers are more responsible drivers than men.

Is there discrimination against woman drivers

Even though women are safer drivers, they still face discrimination on the roads. There are still many jokes about women drivers but this is not the worst.

Many insurance companies charge women higher rates because they claim that women are more expensive to insure.

Today, women make up a significant portion of the driving population. However, despite years of progress, women still face discrimination on the roads. From being told they’re not “good enough” to drive, to being told they’re not “strong enough” to park, women have to deal with a lot of sexist comments and attitudes when it comes to driving.

Next time you are discriminated because you are a woman driver come back to this article to remind you that most of the times women are even better drivers than me.

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