Mothers Choice

The automobile is the most developed industry, so we expect to see many new trends yearly. 2023 won’t be an exception.
This year is going to be very interesting regarding the latest trends and technologies, some of them mind-blowing.

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car collisions are daily events on American roads. Even the most careful driver is not present in a car crash.
Аnyone who escaped without injury is lucky. The same can rarely be said for cars. After a car collision, most cars have serious damage. We will discuss the 6  most common of them and …

Car Interior

You have probably been in a situation when an indicator starts lighting on your car dashboard and you have no idea what it means. Don’t worry sister, you are not the only one!
As a woman that takes care of her car on her own, you should know more about car indicators. But let’s be …

Car Tools

Taking good care of a car is not only what men have to do. Female drivers are also responsible for their car’s maintenance.
When you know what are the things that need the most regular care you can start checking on them. Regular quality maintenance is very important for your safety while you are behind …

New Car

The process of buying a new car could be more difficult for women than for men. In general, women feel less confident when it comes to vehicle maintenance.
On the other hand, women drivers are getting almost half of the number of drivers in the US. This creates a very big group of potential car …

Car Accidents

According to the statistic of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there are 42,915 find their death in traffic accidents in 2021. This number has increased by 10.
5 percent compared to the same statistic from 2020. This is a dark statistic that shows even though we are living with the most innovative technologies in …

New Car

“Did my car dealer lie to me about the car I just bought?”. This question comes up to our mind after we drive our new car for the first time.
Many people have concerns if their car dealer was completely honest with them. Most car buyers believe they could buy a better car if they …

New Car

If this is the first time when you buy a car you probably have no idea what to do. Well, the buying process is not over after you choose the car.
There are a few steps before you can consider this car like your new ownership. Maybe it took you longer than you think to …


Are you going to take your first long-distance trip? We guess you are a bit worried about it. Driving to work is one thing, but driving across the country is something else.
There is a kind of freedom when you hit the open road. There isn’t a traffic jam, constantly beeping cars, and nervous drivers. …