Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Parallel Parking Skills

Tips for parallel parking skills

Many women feel panic and fear when they have to parallel park between two other cars. Some of them will do anything to escape such a situation, even if it means spending 20-30 minutes searching for another parking spot.

Dear ladies, for how long you will leave this unjustified fear to lead your life? Don’t you think is time to take this situation into your hands and become a parallel parking pro? If the answer is YES keep reading because we are going to share …. Tips and tricks that will help you to master the magic of parallel parking.

Take a breath and As much time as you need

It’s okay that in the beginning, you need more time to park the vehicle in the perfect position. Many women give up when they spend more time on this task. They start to think because they need more time, they are incapable to do it.

This is wrong! And any person (man) that makes you think this way is also wrong. The best what you can do is try parallel parking alone. There are two things to remember: breathe and take as long as you need.

Be aware of the size of your vehicle

If you always what to perform parallel parking from the first attempt you have to know the size of your vehicle. If you are sure, you can fit a parking spot give it a try. But if you have concerns if this space being large enough for your vehicle better don’t try because you can lose time.

If you have a choice always go for larger parking spots. This way you will feel calm enough that you won’t hit the car in front.

Mirrors are your best friend

Parallel parking windowsNot your men, but mirrors are your best friend when you are behind the wheel.

This is especially true when trying to parallel park. You have to always keep eye on the mirrors and check if the situation around is changing. Before you take a move make sure that you have a clear view of where your car is about to move.

Consider the parking dimensions

Parking spots vary in dimensions and you have to master parallel parking according to all dimensions. Only then you will be ready for surprises like smaller parking spots in the city center.

As a beginner, you can start to practice on a larger dimension. When you improve your skills go for the next level until you become a pro in parallel parking in small dimensions.

Put on the park assistant

There are smart technologies that can help you and would be such a shame if you don’t use them. Most modern cars have a park assistant program that helps you to perfectly park your car.

Put on your parking sensors to receive a noise when you get too close to the cars around. Use also the rearview that shows you what is the space between your car and the car behind.

The starting position of the car is crucial

If you want to become a pro at any time of parking you have to master the starting position of the car. This is the most important because if you don’t start the right way it’s hard to change the position.

There is a trick you can use. Before you start to park make sure your car is 2-3 feet from the side of the parked car.

Start to reverse the vehicle

After you are sure you took the right position, you can start to reverse the wheel. Here is how to do so: turn the wheel to the right to reverse your car. The car will start moving backward and going to take the vacant spot.

Straighten the steering wheel

Wheel steeringWhile you are moving to the parking spot you have to start slowly straightening the wheel. You have to do this while your car is moving backward.

Keep it slow if you’re not sure this is the right position. While you are moving you have to keep eye on the mirrors and check if there is a need to adjust the position of the car.

Practice to become master

Practice is everything. This is the key to becoming a master in any area. Once we learn something is very easy to forget it if we don’t spend enough time practicing. After you already know how to perform parallel parking is time to get better and better in your skills.

You have no excuse to take your car and go search for where you can practice your skills. In the beginning, it will be challenging, but you will see as long as you try you will get better.

One day even without realizing you will park your car in the perfect way and you can finally feel satisfied with your parking skills.

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