10 Tips for Expectant Moms behind the wheel

Pregnant women behind the wheel
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You love driving, but your pregnant belly is growing every day? This is not a reason to stop enjoying your time behind the wheel. Pregnant women might face more challenges as drivers but it doesn’t mean they have to stop driving.

There are some tips that will help you to keep track of your safe driving and continue to enjoy your time in the car. The recommendations we collect in our list are especially useful for women in the later stages of pregnancy. As you know last week you are getting limited in your mobility. During this time, you need comfort but life doesn’t stop.

Your daily tasks are waiting for you and you need your car. Follow these tips and make driving during the last pregnancy weeks comfortable and safe.

Find the Most Comfortable Seat Position for You

Before you hit the road you should adjust your seat in the most comfortable way. As a driver with a long experience, you know the rule – you need as much space to reach the pedals easily and quickly.

Your pregnant belly needs space so you have to put the seat as far as you need to feel comfortable. Give it a few tries before you find the best position.

When you move the seat, you should adjust the mirrors according to your new position. Be sure that you see clearly what is happening around the car through the mirrors before you start your ride. Last, but not least you have to take time to make these changes when the car is parked not while you are driving.

Don’t Forget to Put on Your Seatbelt

Pregnant woman seatbeltSome pregnant women share that they don’t feel comfortable using a seatbelt while driving. Yes, the way the seatbelt covers your body is not the most pleasant feeling when you’re in the last months of pregnancy.

Anyway, you know the importance of the belt and what is its task – to protect you if an accident happens. And your most important task is to protect the life growing in you, so don’t underestimate the seatbelt.

Take Breaks When You are Tired

It’s normal to get tired fast when you are pregnant. So if you go for a long trip plan places where you can stop to take а rest and stomp your feet. Getting some fresh air is also a good idea and will wake you up.

Even if you are a passenger, you will need some minutes to get up and walk because staying stationary for a long time is dangerous and can cause deep vein thrombosis.

Keep Your Speed Within the Limits

This is one of the main rules of safe driving. You have to keep the speed limit always not only when you are pregnant. Even if you are in hurry you have to respect the speed limit and drive carefully.

Here we can also include another common road rule – to keep a safe distance. Leave enough space between you to end the vehicle in front so you can react quickly if it suddenly brakes.

Limit the Distractions

Another piece of advice that you have to apply is not only when you are pregnant. A safe drive doesn’t include using any distractions such as your phone which is the most dangerous distraction nowadays.

You know that when a woman is pregnant, she might have some focus issues. That’s why is very important when she seats behind the wheel to put her whole attention on the road.

Wear Comfy Outfit

Comfy outfit for pregnant womenWe know how hard is to find comfortable clothes to wear during the last weeks before the baby comes. Finding a comfy driving outfit is very essential if you are going to drive for a long time. Our advice is to choose a move freely clothes that don’t constrict your belly.

Prepare for Emergencies

Before you jump in the car and take the long journey you have to get prepared for emergencies. One of the things you can do is update your first aid kit. Also, you can prepare a bag with stuff that might help you if your baby decides is time to surprise you.

Don’t Drive If you Feel Bad

Never underestimate how you feel and even if there is slight indisposition do not go on the road. In the last weeks before your period, it is normal to feel tired or not in good physical condition. In such situations, it is better to stay at home and cancel your trip. There isn’t another more important task than your health and the health of your baby.

Get Some Snacks

Yummy, yummy – pregnant women love to snacks always when it’s possible. Before you start your trip make sure you take enough food and drinks. You can eat your snacks when you pull over to take a break and recharge your batteries.

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