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Women also love their cars and what to take the best care of them. Some people won’t agree but female drivers know how to maintain their cars no worse than male drivers. Of course, this comes with many years of practice and a lot of passion for the car.

We believe that each woman can learn something more about how to take care of her car. In the following paragraph, we listed the main car maintenance and how often you have to apply them.

There are many components and systems that need special care over a period of some months. There are some systems that require checks each year. Others as you know need seasonal maintenance. It’s a bit confusing but if you follow our article, you will always know what to do and take the best care of your vehicle.

Checkups Once per Month

Car maintenance checkupYou have to take time each month to check up on some crucial parts of your car. Usually, these are the parts that take most of the pressure when you use your car daily. We suggest you include this inspection in your monthly schedule and avoid future problems.

  • Tires inspections

It’s important to inspect the pressure of your tires frequently. The best time to do so is once per month or before your start a long trip. If you find out that your tire is flat take action to balance the pressure before using the car.

  • Check your lights

Lights are very important. Even if one of them is out of service this can make your vehicle more dangerous when you are on the road. That’s why always keep an eye on the lights and check them once per month.

  • Check oil and coolant levels

Engine problems can surprise you everywhere. That’s why the best way to avoid this is to check the oil and the coolant levels at least once per month.

Seasonal Car Inspections

Each season offers different climate conditions which require special car maintenance. This is most noticeable when the weather changes from cold to warm and vice versa. To meet these weather changes you need to prepare your vehicle for the new season.

  • Refill washer fluid

The washing liquid freezes when the temperature drops below freezing. You should top up the washer fluid before going on a longer journey in winter.

  • Swap tires

This is the most important thing to do to prepare your vehicle for winter conditions.

Winter tires are stronger and have better grips, making them suitable for snowy road conditions and freezing temperatures.

  • Replace wipers

It is appropriate to change the wipers at the same time as changing the tires. During the winter months, there is a high chance that the wipers will freeze or break. So, replace them with stronger ones before winter takes you by surprise.

Yearly Car Maintenance

Car maintenance verificationAnnual vehicle maintenance is critical to a longer vehicle life. In most cases, it is also more expensive, but it will make our car ride better for the next 12 months.

  • Oil Change

No surprise we start with an oil change.  As you know this is a very important task if you want to drive your car for as long as it’s possible.

  • Inspection of the air filters

Dirty and worn-out filters interfere with the good operation of the car and slow down the engine. It is recommended to clean them once a year and replace them with new ones if necessary.

  • Check on your brakes

Brakes that are in good working order are one of the most important things for car safety. There are many parts of a brake and their condition is important when we go on a long journey. It is advisable to check the brakes once a year and service each part according to its specifics.

  • Suspension Inspection

If you ever wonder what is suspension inspection it’s time to learn. This is a check-up on a system that keeps the wheels in contact with the road, which is essential for things like steering, braking, and acceleration.

The suspension system is important to the safety of the vehicle and requires annual maintenance. The best what you can do when it’s time for suspension inspection is to use a service of professionals.

In Conclusion

In this article, we’ve introduced you to the most important maintenance every car owner should do if they want to extend the life of their beloved vehicle. Of course, this was very short and there is a lot more to learn about car maintenance.

In the category Car Tools, you can find more useful articles about essential car tools and easy ways to take care of your car. Step by step you will start knowing your car better and apply the needed maintenance on your own.

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