10 Signs There is Something Wrong with Your Car

Signs there is something wrong with your car
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Here we go with our favourite topic about car damage. Why is this such a disscused topic?

Well, because the list of car damages is endless. Even if you think you’ve experienced everything and there is no car damage to surprise you, maybe this is not true.

There are many signs that show there is something wrong with your car. Usually, you close your eyes for these strange smells or noisy brakes but these would be very dangerous issues. If this is your case you have to check these things. Most of the time there is a big problem behind it.  

Here is a list of the “small” signs that can become more extensive damages if you don’t take care of them on time. We advise you to be awar of these sign and never underestimate them.

There is a Smell of Gas Inside the Car  

The most common reason behind this is a loose or broken gas cap. Lucky you, if this is your case because there is an easy solution. You have to replace a gas cap which isn’t expensive.

But if you don’t have enough luck, the gas smell would be a sign of a more serious problem. If you smell gas in your car, check if there is a leak under. If the answer is yes, you have to go to an auto mechanic. 

Your Car Vibrates or Shakes 

There are many reasons behind car vibration and shaking. For example, if the wheel is shaking this is a sign for unbalance tires or warped brake rotors.

What you can do is to stop the car and check the tires. If everything looks fine, but the vibration is going on better go to an auto mechanic.

There is Smoke Inside the Car 

Car smokeIf there is smoke while you are driving you have to pull over to a safe place and go out of the car. You have to determine what is the source of the smoke.

If the smoke is coming from the tailpipe it’s a sign of a problem with coolant. It’s possible the coolant is leaking or burning.  

This is a serious issue that can cause damage to other car parts and systems. Our advice is to find an experienced mechanic and be ready to pay a significant amount of money.

Your Car Smells Like Sulfur or Rotten Eggs 

This unpleasant smell is an indicator of an issue with the catalytic converter. This is a common problem that could be fixed only by mechanics. Sorry to tell you, but this is also very expensive maintenance.

Strange Noises When You Turn 

Did you experience this situation? This is usually a sign of normal wear of the car’s steering or suspension systems. These are the most common noises that appear:

  • Noises of creaking or squealing upon turning; 
  • Noise of clicking when you turn – problem with CV; 
  • having difficulties turning the steering wheel. 

There is a possibility for noises to appear when you don’t turn. This might be caused by a problem with car belts.

The Car Doesn’t Start 

This is such an annoying problem when you’re in hurry. The most common issue is low battery alternator trouble. If this is your case, you have to find someone to give you power.

There is another possible situation when the car doesn’t start, but cranks. This could be a sign of fuel pump failure, a faulty security system or you’re just out of gas.

Noisy Breaks 

Taking good care of the brakes of your car is very important for your safety. If there is something wrong with them you will receive signs such as squeaky noises coming from them.

If there is such a noise it means that the breaks are worn out. This can cause damage to the rotor or drum or even a car accident.  

Trouble Shifting the Gears 

Shifting problemsIf you experience difficulties with shifting the gears it means there is a problem with the transmission system of your vehicle.

There could be many reasons behind this problem, but the most common is related to dirty fluid. You have to take care of this issue on time because it can cause transmission failure.  


If you find a puddler under your parked car this is a sign of a leak coming from your car. Usually ca leaks include oil, gas, brake fluid and transmission fluid.

What you can do is to find the source of the leak and try to stop it. Then drive to your auto mechanic and ask for help.  

Week Dashboards Lights  

Many people tend t underestimate this issue. They think if they adjust the brightness it will be okay.

But there are some times when this doesn’t help. Week dashboard lights also indicate burned-out bulbs that you have to change.


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