How Not to Drive as a Man

How not to drive as a man

Have you ever been in the car, while a man is driving, and feared for your life?

We’ve been there too. Thankfully, we are able to drive ourselves, so we don’t need to go through that too often. We’d rather even call it a “once in a lifetime experience” – an experience we wouldn’t wish to repeat once more.

The largest part of society still believes that males are better drivers than females, and it seems to ignore the times when men don’t really demonstrate such abilities, but rather the opposite. However, if you’ve been there, you’ve seen it.

What are the things that actually make men bad drivers, and how to make sure you avoid them?

Which Things Make Men Bad Drivers 

Women drivingFemales have struggled with sexism in driving for decades, and now it’s our turn to say what we think about the male part on the road. The truth is, many road incidents happen by misfortune, but too many of them happen due to recklessness on the road.

Even though men try to still maintain the social myth that women are dangerous on the road, actually studies show that male drivers are actually the more dangerous ones. 

Better Safe Than Sorry 

A lot of male drivers would buy more dangerous automobiles just to be able to demonstrate how fast they could speed, as if it was something necessary. Nobody actually needs that speed, which makes you wonder are they trying to time-travel or something?

The problem is that out of sheer stupidity and disregard for consequences these little speeding adventures could have a fatal ending.  

Women do not need to be thought how to drive safely – it’s in our blood. Safe driving is actually one of our best qualities as drivers, in which we definitely excel, compared to men.

Studies actually show that a lot less accidents on the road happen when the driver is female.  

It is proven that most of the people who are breaking the law on the road are men, outrunning females with the shocking 79%. That includes speeding, drunk driving, no tax or insurance, as well as plain careless driving.

So, there you have the first rule of not driving as a man – stay safe. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially on the road.

Show Compassion 

A lot of male drivers feel confident enough on the road to show temperament and disregard others’ comfort. When they feel like better drivers than others, they tend to try to outrun them and drive like everyone else around them is too slow.

That creates disturbance and could be quite annoying for the other drivers. If a driver is new and unexperienced it could also be quite dangerous.  

Actually it’s proven that males have 73% more negative influence on other drivers on the road than females. If you want to keep that percentage up, show compassion and patience on the road, don’t rush and don’t make other drivers feel bad about not driving at the speed of light.

Stay Focused 

The truth about male and female drivers is that both genders have their qualities which make them better in a certain aspect of driving. For example, females might struggle more with spatial awareness, but males tend to lose their focus more.

Women are actually better at multitasking, which is scientifically proven. That is also part of the reason why they tend to cause less road accidents than men.  

If you want to keep that number low and make the most out of your natural talents, just make sure to never lose your focus. Avoid looking at your phone at all costs, and if you so need to retouch your make up, do that only while the car is parked.

Calm Driving 

Calm drivingFemales beat male drivers in day-to-day driving since they are able to keep their composure and not cause panic on the road, making it difficult for other drivers.

Males tend to shout, show gestures and honk a lot more, which just makes them seem obnoxious. Women are generally much more polite and they don’t cause as much unnecessary noise in social situations and while driving.  

How to Drive Like a Lady 

We’re here to give a new definition to the phrase “drive like a girl”. While in the past it was condescending, now driving like a lady actually demonstrates skill and composure.

Let males be the more aggressive gender and keep your calm on the road. That won’t get you into a difficult situation, ending in a fine or a more serious accident, and it also looks much better from the outside.

Nobody likes noise and quarrels on the road, it just seems to everybody like people who shout are completely obnoxious. Just keep it classy and don’t drive like a man, drive like a woman.


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