Checklist for the Best Car Maintenance – Only for Ladies

Checklist for the Best Car Maintenance – Only for Ladies
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Taking good care of a car is not only what men have to do. Female drivers are also responsible for their car’s maintenance. When you know what are the things that need the most regular care you can start checking on them.

Regular quality maintenance is very important for your safety while you are behind the wheel. On the other hand, if there is an issue and you don’t put much attention to it, it can increase into a bigger and more expensive problem.

In this article, we will point out the most essential thing to always keep eye on when you take care of your car.

1.Check on the oil level

You probably know that engine oil is a crucial liquid that makes your car work. If the amount of engine oil is low there will appear an indicator on the dashboard. It’s better to avoid this situation when you are taking a long-distance road. We suggest you check the level of the oil and add some if there is a need.

The color of the oil is something else you have to take into consideration when you check the oil level. Any other color, but brown or black, is a sign of an issue.

2.Check on the tire pressure

Do you know that the recommended tire pressure is 30 or 32 PSI? After you know this important satiation is time to find out how to measure it. You can do it by using a coin or a small air pressure tool that you can buy from any automobile shop. According to the pressure values you will probably need to inflate or deflate to the correct pressure.

3.Check how is the situation with the brakes

This is one of the most important things to check even before you go for a short ride. As many auto mechanics say “If you take good care of vehicle’s brakes they will give it back when you need them the most.

There are many indicators that would mean your car has brake’s issues:

  • They produce squeaking or grinding noises;
  • Vibrations during breaking;
  • Strange smell coming from them when you brake;
  • Dashboard brake indicator is on.

4.Check on the cooling system

Cooling system problems are very common during hot summer days when you drive for a long time. But don’t be fool, the issues with this system can appear any time. The cooling system has the important role to keep a consistent temperature in the engine. If the engine gets too hot or too cold the car will stop.

Most time when there is a cooling system problem it means there isn’t enough cooling liquid. The liquid you have to add in the cooling system is called antifreeze. If you don’t have antifreeze handy and there isn’t a shop where you can buy it, you can also put water and drive to the first gas station.

5.Check if there is a need to change the air filters

Many people forget to check on air filters and replace them. This can cause your comfort during hot summer drivers, because the HVAC system won’t work properly. This can also affect the cooling system of the car and bring you more issues to fix. Every season you have to take care to clean or replace the air filters. There are more sings that show there is a problem with the air conditioner of your car:

  • It takes longer time to feel the cold or the heat when the air conditioner is on;
  • The units of the air system are hot;
  • Very often you have problems with the cooling system.

6.Check on the headlights

Take a look on the headlight every day before you enter the car. Sometimes, when your car is part, other vehicle hit it on the side of the headlight. It’s very important to notice if there is a broken headlamp and take actions to fix it.

If you notice one of the headlights starting to flicker it means it will stop working soon. Always keep a few bulbs in the car for this. Replacing a bulb is not a difficult job if you know how to do it.

7.Check on the transmission fluid

Transmission failure is an issue no one dream about. To avoid this situation from time to time check if the fluid is at the right level. This helps the transmission to change the gears smoothly. If you haven’t use your car for a long time it’s also important to change the transmission fluid.

You can check the level of transmission fluid by taking the dipstick. Do it when the engine is on. Similar to the oil checking process here is also recommendable to pay attention to the color. Black color means you need a transmission flush.

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