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Your car is the place where you spend many hours even without realizing it. There are days, your personal vehicle is like your best friend. Car is the place where you sometimes eat, sleep, put on make-up, laugh, and even cry. Your car saw your best and your worst days. Basically, your vehicle knows you better than your friends. Do you know your car as well as it knows you?

Women don’t think about the car as a machine. For us is something more. This is the reason why when it’s time to name an important car part we can’t. This article will give you knowledge about a few basic car parts that everyone should know. Being a woman shouldn’t be an excuse for not knowing the most important car parts. After you know your car better, you will appreciate it more.

The 4 most important car parts

Simply there are 4 most important car parts: the chassis, the engine, the transmission system the and body. All of them have different tasks. The vehicle can’t work if there is damage in some of these parts. Let’s go deeper and find what is the work of each part.


It refers to the frame of a vehicle. The chassis is constructed from square or box-shaped steel members strong enough to support the weight of the body and other components. The chassis is known as a “self-supporting” platform from which all other parts hang: engine, transaxle, and suspension system.


Car engineIt’s known as the heart of your automobile. The car’s engine is essentially a motor that generates power to drive the road wheels.

The cylinder block on which the engine’s moving parts reside is encased within an outer shell of cast iron, steel or aluminum alloy called the cylinder head.

Some engines have more than one cylinder block per engine: they are designed so that there are two or more power sources available on a vehicle.


Car transmissionThe transmission is one of the most important parts of a car. It determines how far you can go, how quickly you can go there, and when you’ll need to stop and refuel.

A car transmission is the gearbox counterpart of a bicycle’s chain-and-shifter system.

It allows the engine to drive the wheels, but it does so using different gearing ratios to increase or decrease the speed at which your vehicle travels.

Car body

The bodywork is designed to provide optimum protection for the passengers. It should be easy to fit, and provide good air circulation around all parts of the car while being strong enough to resist damage in a collision. The degree of comfort provided depends upon the type of car and its cost.

In addition to looking out for the four essential parts of an automobile, you should also note the controls and auxiliaries. The controls are meant for controlling the movement of the vehicle. The auxiliaries are additional components meant for providing comfort to the user of the automobile.

Additional car parts and systems

A number of other car parts are required to be in good condition, so that we can ensure a smooth and safe ride. The car parts include accelerator peddles, steering wheel and gear lever etc.

Steering wheels

Steering wheels are used to control the direction of the vehicle while accelerator and brake pedals are used to push them up or down in order to accelerate or slow down the car, respectively. They also control the shifting of gears when driving an automatic transmission vehicle.

Electrical system

The engine’s electrical system provides the electrical energy required to operate a starter motor, the ignition and fuel systems, and all of the vehicle accessories.


Car alternatorThe alternator is an electro-mechanical device that converts mechanical energy from the engine into electric energy, which is stored in the battery.


The car battery is a crucial component of your vehicle.

It provides the zap of electricity needed to put electrical components to work.

In most cases when the car doesn’t want to start it’s because of the low battery.

Cooling system

The cooling system prevents the engine from becoming too hot and keeps it at a safe operating temperature. This is important because if the engine overheats, it can be damaged.


Car clutchThe clutch is a very important part of the car. Without it you can’t change gears and the car won’t move. The device connects the engine to the gearbox and is used to disengage them. The clutch allows you to make changes in drive speed without having to stop.

These are just a part of the most important car parts and systems.

There are more essential pisces of knowledge you need to have about your vehicle. If you are curious about more car part leave a comment and we will make second part of “Basic car parts every woman should know”.

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