Seasonal car maintenance tips you should not miss

Seasonal car maintenance tips
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Having your car prepared for the weather conditions in a particular season is essential for your safety. Besides using the correct set of tires, there are many other things you can take care of, to ensure the maximum level of security for your car and for yourself.

Seasonal car maintenance might sound a bit complicated, but it actually isn’t if you just follow the steps and complete the checklist. With time it could even become a favorite activity if you like taking care of your car.

The weather can affect your car in a negative way and cause wear and tear even when you’re not driving. To help you avoid that, here we gathered everything you need to know about proper seasonal car maintenance.

How to take care of your car during different seasons

Winter is not the only season in which you should take into consideration the weather conditions while taking care of your vehicle. All the seasons have their own specifics and they can impact your automobile in numerous ways.

Depending on where you live, you should take different precautions while maintaining your car depending on the season and the climate in your location.

In this article, you can read everything about proper car maintenance in all four seasons.


Car maintenance during winterWinter is a dangerous season for drivers, but if you know what to do to prevent damage and keep driving safely, you should be good. Below are the most important things to take care of during the coldest season.

Of course, you are probably aware of the importance of changing the tires for safe driving during snowy and rainy weather. There are many other things to consider too.

The battery is one of the most important components to check in winter-time. In cold weather the battery can quickly run out of charge, so make sure that you check it often enough and have some tools with you that can quickly restore the charge.

It’s also good to check if your oil is good for cold seasons and if not, change it with a more suitable one. If the season is really cold you might need to use your wipers a lot more often.

The extensive use of the accessory could quickly lead to wear and tear, so make sure to inspect their condition often enough and replace the blades whenever it’s necessary.


Summer might come with some quite extreme temperatures. To prevent damage during hot weather, there are some specific things you should take care of.

The cooling system might suffer during summer, so while you’re entering the season assess its condition. Check the level of the coolant, the work of the water pump, as well as all other components and if anything needs to be fixed, now is just the right time.

Also make sure to check the air conditioning system for the sake of your own comfort during driving. The right set of tires is crucial for your vehicle’s safety during summer.

People also forget the importance of the tires in the hot months because this is a more discussed topic in the winter.

However, changing the tires is something you should never neglect, as the winter tire could explode from expansion due to hot temperatures. When inflating the tires during summer, make sure you provide enough room for potential air expansion.

The high temperature during summer could also expand some of the elements of the suspension system, so remember to regularly check its working.


Car maintenance during springSpring is a tender season with mild weather, and it’s a favorite for many people. However, you should not forget to take special care of your car if you want it to be working well at all times.

Spring can also be particularly rainy, so don’t forget to routinely check the condition of the wipers.

Spring is a good season for a routine check of all the components of the car, such as the ignition system, the headlights, the rotation, and all other systems that make your car work.


The rain during fall makes the earth quite muddy, which means that a lot of mud and dirt will be getting on your car and some of them might even get inside the mechanisms. For that reason, you should regularly check those elements of the car that might suffer from getting dirty.

Always check the transmission fluid for any pollutants to make sure the transmission is in working condition. Check the condition of the brakes, the break fluid, and the power steering.

During winter you might have used the brakes and the power steering extensively, so before going into the next winter it’s good to make sure that they are uncompromised.

Again, often inspect the condition of the wipers if the weather is particularly rainy.

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