7 Things Not to Do When You Park a Car

7 Things Not to Do When You Park a Car

Ladies, have you found parking a car a difficult task? If the answer is “yes” welcome to the club! It’s not a secret to anyone that we, women, don’t like parking a car. Even though driving is not our favorite task, parking the car is even worse.

Every time you have to find a parking space and put your car there you start to panic. This shouldn’t be the case. You might discuss this topic so many times with friends and everyone gives advice. If you feel confused better try to follow the next recommendations on what not to do when you park a car.

1.Don’t Improvise When You’re Not Skilled Enough

If you see many times how drivers improvise and put their cars with magic to “impossible parking space”, you probably think you can also do it. We are sorry to disappoint you but if you’re a young driver better not to try it.

This skill comes from experience. Drivers with many years behind the wheel can succeed because they know the best size and the abilities of the car.

If you want to skip a few years of experience you can train to the park. Go to the empty polygon and put several cones to outline a parking space. Then try to put your car between them.

2.Don’t Hurry To Park Your Car

Always spend as much time as you need to put your car in the marked bay. If you feel you don’t have enough time to do so, better find another parking spot.

It’s very important to learn how to park your car in the parking bay. To do so use the mirrors or even go out to see if the car goes in the right position. Before you leave the car make sure you can open all doors without scratching the cars next to you.

3.Don’t Be Cheeky

When you see there is somebody that tries to park a car in a free parking spot don’t try to take it. Always be respectful of other drivers and don’t give them under pressure. Even you can leave your car and help the other driver to park his car. This will get back to you one day when you need it.

4.Don’t Try To Park Your Car In a Parking Space That Is Too Small

Don’t exaggerate your parking skills. If you think this place is too small for your car, but you decide to give a try, you will only lose your time.

Always try to choose bigger places where you will have the freedom to do maneuvers without being afraid of crashing. Smaller cars are easier to park, so if you use your car for urban driving always pick smaller ones.

5. Don’t Park Next To Trees

You probably remember why is not a good reason to park under a tree. The trees are the place where birds live. And what birds love to do – popping on cars. If your car is parked under a tree, you increase the chances of getting bombed. This is not the most enjoyable thing especially if you just wash your car.

Trees hide more dangers like sap, seeds, branches, fruit, and other potentially damaging items falling from trees. If you don’t have any other choice, better avoid parking a car under a tree.

6.Don’t Forget Where You Parked the Car

It’s not funny, because it can happen to everyone. It’s very common when you are in the hurry not to remember clearly where you park your car. This happens especially when you don’t know well the area you are.

In situations like this, you don’t have to panic. Just have a walk around trying to remember the surroundings of the parking place. We recommend you download a phone app that saves the location of your car to avoid situations like this.

7.Don’t Block The Road

Have you come across a parked vehicle that blocks your road? It is such an unpleasant situation that can cost you to be late for work. All you can do in these cases is to learn never to do this.

You should never park in a dangerous place or in a position that blocks the way of other cars. When you park make sure you don’t block the entrance to buildings for example. You should be careful to keep a safe distance between your car and the vehicles in front and behind.

Parking a car is not a big deal only after you gather some experience. This can happen only with practice. The last piece of advice we will give you is to believe in your skills and never let someone call you a “bad driver” or “bad at parking a car”. Everyone can learn and improve in driving and parking a car.

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