7 Things Not To Do As A Female Driver

7 Things Not to Do as A Female Driver

Female drivers are cursed to wear the label “bad drivers”. As women that have many years of experience behind the wheel, we don’t agree. Ladies are such good drivers as men and no one has the right to underestimate their driving skills.

There is another saying that is spread around the drivers. If there is a person whose driver is slow or careless it’s at the moment called a woman. When you see a car turning without putting the blinker you think “This is a woman behind the wheel”.

If you are also tired of these statements it’s time to consider what you can change in your driving and contribute to the female drivers’ image in general.

We have prepared this funny list of 7 things not to do as a female driver. Don’t take anything personally. We are also women – we know our strengths and weaknesses the best.

1.Getting Easily Distracted

You probably don’t find driving the most exciting task, but getting distracted can cost you a lot. Car accidents happen for a part of the second and no one is protected. You should keep your eyes always on the road and don’t use your phone while driving. Better turn off your phone when you enter the car. This way you won’t get distracted any time you have a notification.

2.Don’t Keep Distance

Keeping a safe distance is an essential part of safe driving. Driving too close to the car in front is dangerous because you might not stop on time if the car in front brakes. When you are behind the wheel always try to follow al least 3 meters distance.

Sometimes you are in the opposite situation: there is a car behind you that doesn’t keep a safe distance from your car. The driver of the car is tailgating and honking. What you can do is keep calm and pull over and let the car behind pass in front of you.

3.Don’t Drive Under the Influence

The number of women who drive in an intoxicated state is way less than men. As you might know, alcohol is the main reason for many car accidents, so always be of the women that sit over the wheel sober.

We want to put attention to another state. As women, we know how easily we can be upset. Driving when we are tired, angry, or sad is also very dangerous. Your consciousness is clouded by what has happened, which makes us emotional. In most of these cases, we do not have a clear judgment of what is happening on the road.

4.Don’t Put Make-up While Driving

Putting make-up on is one of the most reasons why women get distracted. This is a very dangerous situation because our brains and hands are occupied and we can’t follow what is happening on the road. If there is a situation, we have to take sudden actions we are more likely to not react properly.

You can use your mirrors to put on make-up only when your car isn’t moving. Any other careless behavior while driving could be a cause of an accident.

5.Not Wearing Your Seat Belt

Not only men, but also many women tend not to wear seat belts on purpose. According to them, there are many reasons why they prefer not to wear it: it’s not comfortable or doesn’t believe in their security.

There are many studies that show the meaning of wearing a seat belt after a car crash. If you need proof this is: according to NHTSA, seat belts saved more than 75,000 lives between 2004 and 2008.

6.Don’t Drive with High Heals

Do you have tons of stylish and elegant high heels? Unfortunately, they are not the best shoes for driving. High heals are considered even dangerous because they can get stuck between the gaps in the car and they greatly interfere with braking and acceleration.

You don’t have to give up on high heels every time you sit behind the wheel. The thing is always to keep a pair of comfortable trainers in the car and change them before you start to drive. Driving barefoot is also not recommendable. The main reason is that can cause you braking time.

7.Always Think About Other Participants on The Road

Don’t forget that other participants can’t read your mind. You should always show them what will be your next reaction on time. If you turn right, then put the right blinker a few seconds before. Something else which is also very crucial is to regularly keep eyes on the back mirrors. When you drive in busy urban areas better keep a low speed so you can stop safely if needed.

Following these recommendations on what to do or not to do while driving can make you feel more confident in your skills.

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