6 the Most Common Car Damage After A Collision

6 the Most Common Car Damage After A Collision
Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car collisions are daily events on American roads. Even the most careful driver is not present in a car crash. Аnyone who escaped without injury is lucky. The same can rarely be said for cars.

After a car collision, most cars have serious damage. We will discuss the most common of them and see if there is a chance they will be fixed.  Keep in mind some of the damages are cosmetics, but other are very serious.

The 6 most popular damaged details on the car after accident

1. Damage to the front bumper

This is the most common damage when you couldn’t brake on time and bump your car into the car in front. The amount of damage depends on the speed at which you collided with the other car.

Depending on this, it is determined whether the fault can be repaired. If the collision severity was small, then the bumper can be straightened. However, you will need to visit the auto mechanic after the accident to give a professional evaluation of the damage.

2. Broken headlamps

This is one of the lightest car damage after a car collision. On the other hand, broken headlamps are one of the most common, because they are easily broken car parts.

The places where they are placed make them very vulnerable to impacts. Even if you have not been involved in an accident, but have left the car parked and another car has hit yours, it is very likely that it is right in the headlight area. Headlight replacement is an expensive service, but of course, it depends on the car model.

3. Damage to front and rear doors

The list of the causes of this damage is very long. It includes cashing into the side collision with the kerb, scratches as a result of improper parking, and impact from another vehicle’s door opening.

Don’t panic if you experience some of these events. Fortunately, most of these damages can be repaired. Auto repairs know the best ways to paint the affected area and make it look like a new one.

4. Damage to the vehicle hood

Under the vehicle hood are the most important car parts that are in charge of the car to work. If you experience a car collision and it causes damage to the car hood keep in mind that there is more than just some scratches.

We suggest you visit your automobile mechanic. This is the person that will give you expertise about the engine and other important systems that are located under the hood. The scratches are the easiest to repair, but bigger damage in some of the systems would cost more.

5. Damage to the fenders

You maybe don’t consider fenders to be an important car part, but you are wrong. The role of the fenders is to catch any spray stirred up on the road surface and don’t allow the to enter the car systems.

The reason for fender damages is the side collision. In most cases, fender damage and door damage are the results of the same incident. These parts of the car are very vulnerable to hitts, but the good thing is that they can be repaired.

6. Wheels damage

Wheels damage is also common damage caused by a car collision. What is interesting about wheels is the variety of damages. There are 3 types of them:

Curb rash

This damage is common in cases when the driver attempts to parallel park the car. While making a turn the diver could scrape the wheels on a raised concrete curb. The other situation that causes curb rash is driving with a flat tire. This car damage is considered cosmetic so it can be repaired very easily.

Bent wheels

Pesky potholes and bumps in the road are the main cause of bent wheels. Most of the time when this happens the driver doesn’t feel there is wheel damage and keeps driving. This is very dangerous because it can cost you to lose control of the vehicle. If you suspect such a situation, you’d better pull over the car to check. If there is a bent wheel you have to call to read assistance service.

In most cases, the bent wheel can’t be repaired. However, even if it can, it’s better to buy a new more quality wheel.

Cracked wheels

The most common reason for a cracked wheel is to be hit by a hard object. It could be a tree or curb. These damages can also occur during parking or careless driving. Fortunately, these damages are also from the list with cosmetic reprairs so you don’t have to worry about them.

If you don’t have enough skills and knowledge is always better to search for professional expertise. Using the service of good mechanic will save you time and money to repair these car damages.

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