What to Do About the Most Common Car Damages

What to do about common car damages
Car Accidents

Car crashes are bound to happen even to the most experienced drivers. The main thing is not to panic and not to regret it too much because, really, it’s unavoidable.

There will be some damage to repair, and usually, the same things get damaged the most. In this article, we will be looking at them and we will tell you what to do about each part that has gotten damaged in a car accident.

Remember, don’t panic, because it’s not something extraordinary. In fact, it happens to everybody.

What parts of the car get damaged the most in an accident

Some parts of the car are particularly vulnerable to damage during car accidents, and they are the ones that auto mechanics most often work on.

Even if it seems like an accident is something that could never happen to you, it is better to be prepared and accept it more easily when it does happen. Getting out from an accident without any damage yourself is a huge relief, but still, you would probably have to think about repair for some of the car parts.

Below are the parts that most often get wrecked and what to do in each case.


Car hoodsIf you are wondering whether or not there is a part of the car that gets damaged the most, there is a definite answer – it’s the hoods. If it wasn’t for them, we would have to empty our pockets for a much more serious damage to the car engine, but thanks to the hood, the engine is well protected.

A crinkled hood looks horrible, but the damage is actually not so serious, because it is designed to crinkle in order to reduce the power of the hit. Fortunately, hoods are definitely not the most expensive parts and we won’t have to wait too long at the repair shop.

If the part is seriously crinkled it might need fixing, so go to a mechanic and let him assess the situation.


Fortunately, headlights are not so expensive to repair, but they are one of the parts that suffer most often even in minor car accidents. When headlights are wounded, there are two potential scenarios – damage to the cover, or to the actual light bulb.

If only the cover is bruised and it’s a minor damage, the auto mechanics can easily replace it. If the light bulb is impaired, you can change it but always remember to disconnect the battery before getting down to work.

If it looks like more serious damage it’s best to have the car’s electrical system inspected because there might be some impairment to the cables and pigtails.


The bumpers are the unsung heroes of our cars – they are made to be bumped and protect us and the rest of the car from impairment. A cracked bumper is something often seen, but it’s important to never leave it like that if you want it to further protect you in collisions.

When it is cracked, the bumper can’t absorb the pressure so well, so you are setting yourself up for some serious damage.

There are some DIY methods such as fixing cracks with epoxy, but they are really not recommended if you want the bumper to do its job. The best solution here is a replacement.


Car fender damageThe four fenders on the sides of your car can also easily get crinkled. In side crashes, they are particularly vulnerable. They can also get impaired when you accidentally hit an obstacle when you haven’t left enough space between the car and the obstacle you are navigating around.

If there are some minor scratches the paint can be restored or some minor maintenance could fix minor damage.

In some cases, however, the fenders need to be fixed. Get your car checked because sometimes if you just fix a fender instead of replacing it, it might become too fragile and wreck at the smallest hit.


Although located at the front of the car, grilles are quite resistant to crashes, because most of the time the car is hit slightly to the side and the bumpers or fenders usually take the damage. Still, it’s possible that damage occurs.

If you see that your grille is broken, the best solution is to replace it. A broken grill can let debris and dust inside the engine and lead to more serious damage.

Furthermore, fixing the grille would probably cost the same as replacing it, but it will be a less rigorous solution.


Oftentimes the paint suffers even in minor collisions, but fortunately, in most cases, it is quite easy to repair by having the car touched up by a mechanic. Only in cases when the whole paint has been scraped off, and not only the top layer, does the car need additional treatment.

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