7 Busted Myths About Female Drivers

7 busted myths about female drivers

You’ve heard a joke about a female driver at least once or twice. Usually, the story is always the same – there was a female driver that does this or that, blah, blah. We are so tired of myths and jokes about how bad drivers women are. Same for you?

Yes, there are many myths about female drivers. Some people say that women are worse drivers than men, that they are more likely to get into accidents, and that they are more likely to be involved in traffic violations.

In fact, studies and statistics have shown that women are just as good as men when it comes to driving. Women are less likely to get into accidents, and when they do, the accidents are usually less severe. Women are also less likely to be involved in traffic violations.

So why do these myths about female drivers persist? Well, there are fewer women drivers so the resistance to the statement “woman = bad driver” is less. On the other hand, these myths are perpetuated by societal norms and stereotypes.

We decide to bust 7 of the most well known myths about female drivers with real statistical data.

1. Most of car accidents happen because of the female drivers

According to the official statistic, this is incorrect. Male drivers cause more car accidents than female drivers. Usually, male drivers tend to drive riskier and this is one of the reasons behind this statistic. On the other hand, men spend more time driving which increases the possibility of car accidents.

As you know one of the most common reasons for car accidents is driving in an intoxicated state. There are fewer women than men who drive after drinking alcohol. Moreover, women are more attentive and show more empathy while driving.

2. Women are bad at parking a car

The statistic shows that female drivers park their car by using more maneuvers. This doesn’t make them worst at parking a car than men. Usually, women choose smaller cars than men which gives them advantages in finding more parking spots. With enough practice, women become a pro at parking a car. This applies to parallel parking as well.

3. Ladies don’t know anything about their cars

Most women have large knowledge about how the car works. Even though they don’t show off they know the most important systems in the car. Women have been a part of the automotive industry for decades, working in all sorts of jobs, from mechanics to engineers to executives. Nowadays, women drivers know their cars and also how to take care of them.

4. Woman can’t fix a broken car

When it comes to their own car, they’re the ones in charge. Most women can handle repairing the most common car damages. They’re often more detail-oriented and they’re better at problem-solving.

The thing is if they want to get dirty hands. Well, some ladies prefer men to do the dirty job, not because they don’t know how to do it on their own.

5. Female drivers don’t obey the traffic rules

Female drivers obey more speed limits and traffic rules than men. They tend to be more attentive to the traffic situation and follow the road signs. According to the statistics, only 12% of female drivers exceed speed limits.

Other studies show that women prefer wearing seat belts rather than men do. They’re also more likely to make other passages use seat belts too. This makes women more responsible drivers. Women don’t take long night rides which shows they put safety first.

6. Ladies are easily distracted

There is a common belief that women drivers are easily distracted. Actually, there isn’t a specific study on which gender gets more distracted while driving. In defense of woman drivers, we found information that men feel more confident behind the wheel. This makes them less attentive because they believe their reactions will be quick enough if there is unpredicted danger on the road.

On the other hand, women feel less confident in their driving skills. They put more attention and think carefully when they have to make a move.

7. Women are under panic while driving

Even though the thing we’ve mentioned is that women feel less confident it doesn’t make them more panicked while driving. Many ladies enjoy driving and point to this as a way to clear their heads.

Nowadays the man is no longer the main family driver. Women also spend a long time behind the wheel. They are more likely to be responsible for driving the kids to school or doing groceries. If a lady feels pressure while driving this is probably because she had a bad experience with someone telling her she can’t drive.

Do you feel more confident in your driving skills after you find these 7 busted myths? Female drivers could be as good drivers as anyone else. It’s time to believe in this.

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